Rise of the Runelords

After the Goblins

Liliana's Account of the Goblin Attack

Today I am going to start a journal (again). No one seems much interested in talking since the attack and you get looked at funny if you talk to yourself… So I figured maybe writing to myself would be better. Funny how that works. They are both forms of talking to yourself. Anyways, maybe this journal will be my longest ever. I might make it to page two if people keep being so down and antisocial.

Everyone has been acting a bit strange since the goblin’s attacked Sandpoint. If it is even possible, Val has gotten more serious about his forge work. Tor seems a bit odd too after his bloodlust and near death. Most of the town just wants to forget about the attacks and move on, but Val and Tor want to go chase these goblins down and find out what they were up to. I guess there is this idea that it was something besides just a random goblin attack. Something about a human and digging up a grave, but I didn’t pay much attention to that. It came out of the goblins mouths after all… Who’s to say that they weren’t just making it up anyways.

I was very angry with the goblins for interrupting the speech that I really would have sat through. Now I will never get a chance to prove that I could have. The butterflies were beautiful. I wonder what happened to them. Val didn’t like me playing with the little kids. He always acts like…

Sorry, I’m back now. The merchants just opened up and I had to go and see if there was anything new to look at. I actually have some money for once! We found money on those stinky goblins! Of course I paid Maver Kesk back first thing since he let me borrow money to buy my fancy weapon. Everyone thought he was crazy to lend money to me. They said I’d never pay it back even if I meant to, but I did! Of course I might have had to write down that I owed him money in about a dozen places to make sure I could prove them wrong. I don’t like when people assume that I won’t remember things.

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, Val always acts like I need babysitting. I try to tell him that I am fine on my own, but he never believes me. He is always watching me and scolding me when I don’t do things his stuffy old way. He says I did good in the fights which was new. He has never really thought of me as useful, so that was certainly a change of pace.

I bought some pretty things to make a necklace with to remember the only beautiful thing that happened the day of the goblin attack. The butterflies were beautiful. I found one dead on the edge of town. Still just as pretty as when it was flying around, though definitely a bit more still. Butterflies don’t seem to live very long. I wonder if they think of it as a short time or not. Tor says that I won’t live very long compared to him, but I think my life will be just the right length. Maybe that is how butterflies feel. It makes me feel better to think of them that way anyways. I decided to use the butterflies wings in my necklace. He didn’t need them anymore anyways and they sure were pretty.

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My days of sitting around making pretties seem to be over at least for now. I guess we are going to go chasing these goblins down. My brothers want to and, who knows, I might see interesting new things. I have never been real far out of the town before so it might be neat. I hope it is anyways… Otherwise it is just going to be another long walk with them yelling at me to keep up… Course I have a pony now. He is a good boy. Still slower than my brother big horsies and I don’t think they can carry me and my pony so I guess they will just have to wait up.

Maybe I will right more in this journal later. I seem to have done pretty well so far. I even made it onto the second page. Had to write those last lines a little big, but I made it. I’ll bring this with me in case my brothers are still boring on our trip.


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