Rise of the Runelords

Journal Entry 2

Now were getting somewhere. Finally. After a few days of sitting on our hands, we’ve finally landed a break – we know who the bitch behind the attacks is. It seems the culprit is the psychotic adopted daughter of the old priest. She always was a bit whiny about her circumstances and now it seems she’s taken it to the next level – she intends to devote herself to the goddess of monsters and purge her divine blood in the process. I used to pity her, a little, for the attentions she was drowned in; now I only hope that I can purge her blood for her – how dare she sacrifice her friends and neighbors, her father, for such an obscenity?

I am saddened that my friend Ameiko was caught up in this mess, she will be a long time in recovering (if ever) from the cesspit her brother has made of things. I will have to see if there’s something I can do to console her, she deserves that much. Maybe there’s something I can do for her business to distract her or help her reestablish herself. As far as I know she has no husband, nor other family, to help her through the time so she will need as much assistance as she can get. I care very much for her, she’s always been kind to me.

We have also had an opportunity to speak with Tor’s ranger friend, who was extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable about the goblin tribes and their habits. I have taken a great deal of notes (which I have attached) and I hope they’ll be of use in the future. Our next step, I believe, is to check out the smuggler’s caverns below the old glassworks. Ameiko’s brother’s notes indicate that they had hoped to utilize these tunnels for a surprise assault. By investigating these tunnels we’ll be able to address a threat to the town without breaking our word to Hemlock, which is important. I would hate to be on the bad side of the town sheriff, though if he delays much longer it may become necessary. Thistletop appears to be the primary base of the goblins and their matron – I intend to burn it to the ground if necessary.

The events of the glassworks were both encouraging and worrisome. Tor conducted himself well, keeping his head and exercising both guile and patience before battle was joined. He’s taken to throwing things, which is a bit unorthodox but apparently quite effective. Lily continues to hold her own, but her impetuousness puts her in more danger than I’d like – she’s smaller and frailer than Tor and I, and I am constantly worried a goblin will get a lucky shot in. I will have to speak with her.

To Do List:

  • Check in with Ameiko again, make sure she’s ok
    • See what can be done to drum up business for the inn and tavern, more patrons will mean less time for her to brood.
    • Maybe Lily could make some decorations for the tavern? Brighten up the place? get with her on it.
  • Continue working on current smithing project, there’s an inordinate amount of work left to do on it
  • Investigate the tunnels. The last thing we need is a place where the vermin can enter unseen.
  • Get with Lily and Tor about tactical arrangements – a suit of armor is only good if there are no holes in it
    • Find out what arrangements Lily will need to contribute without putting herself on the front lines. She mentioned something about being ‘out of range’ – perhaps she can’t zap her targets from more than a few feet away.
    • Determine how best to work with Tor on the field. I’m concerned his newfound battlerage will limit his ability to act in a coordinated fashion, leaving myself as the sole individual with an idea of the bigger picture in the field.
- Valerian

Attached Notes


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