Rise of the Runelords

Journal Entry 1

Happy Birthday. That’s what I thought would be the highlight of the day – aside from babysitting Liliana and taking in the sights and sounds of the swallowtail festival with Tor, I had assumed it would be just another day, and I was in a hurry to end it so I could return to the forge. Not to be, apparently.

The town was assaulted by goblins. I’d heard they were prone to raids of under-protected tradesmen and farms, but I’d never imagined they’d assault the town itself. The practice arms and armor I had made up for Tor and I were left at home of course – a lesson I will neither forget nor repeat. It was a bloody day, and we lost a number of friends and neighbors, husbands, wives, sons and daughters. Hell, we nearly lost Tor, the great oaf – he’d gone mad with bloodlust and the little rodent gutted him. I was able to mend the fault, but it was a near thing more than once, and I’m not nearly practiced enough in my attunement to keep up with the blows the monsters dealt – another inadequacy I will need to mitigate.

My sister surprised me actually. Her arcane trickery (the foolishness with electricity she uses for practical jokes as much as for any real use) was more than impressive, it was integral. I’d venture to say that without her protective magics, as well as her little bolts, we would be in a ditch with so many more of the village. Something to keep in mind in the future – and not underestimate.

We never did find out the purpose behind the attack beyond mere carnage. We were able to discern that it was a diversion so that some “longshanks” (we assume this means humanoid?) was able to steal the body of the old priest, but why anyone would wish to do that is beyond me. My siblings and I have decided to pursue the marauders however. The sheriff seems content to see to returning to ‘business as usual’ but I cannot let that stand. The hateful little vermin will need to be removed, and their master made to answer, before it will be safe in sandpoint once more – my siblings and I intend to see to it.

To Do List:

  • Learn to use proper arms and armor. Play time is over.
  • Remember not to underestimate Liliana’s “tricks”
  • Keep an eye on Tor – he’s effective, but reckless. He’ll need someone who can keep their head with him to avoid a tragic circumstance. Outfit him with the best stuff.
  • Strengthen Attunement with the metal. Only the metal has the strength to endure and overcome what comes in the future
- Valerian

ps – Strange. In all of this, I find I did not address ma and pa at all. They apparently kept their heads in the confusion, which was heartening. I turned down their offer of the farm, they were not surprised. I think, however, they see something about the three of us that I’ve yet to discern – they hardly argued at all when we indicated our intention to continue involvement in the aftermath of the attacks. More disconcerting, I think if they had argued it would not have made a difference. I worry.


DTalon2011 MagisDragonis

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