Liliana (Lilly)

Sorcerer of Air

Liliana (Lilly)
Female Halfling Sorcerer(Air)
Chaotic Good Level 2 Skills
HP: 13 AC:13 (17) (10 +2 Dex +1 Size) ( +4 Mage Armor) Touch: 13 FF: 11(15) Bluff: +10
Str 8 -1 BAB:+1 Craft(Jewelry): +7
Dex 14 +2 CMB:-1 ( -1 str +1 BAB -1 size) Diplomacy: +71
Con 14 +2 CMD: 11 (10 -1 str +2 dex +1 BAB -1 size) Knowledge(local): +8
Int 14 +2 Fort: +3 ( +0 base +2 con +1 racial) Spellcraft: +7
Wis 7 -2 Ref: +3 ( +0 base +2 dex +1 racial) Stealth: +6
Cha 20 +5 Will: +22 ( +3 base -2 wis +1 racial)
Weapon Attack Damage Crit
Electricity Ray
(Ranged Touch)
+3 1d6+1 or 1d3 x2
Feat # Name Description
Eschew Materials Ignore non-costly material components
1 Spell Focus(Evocation) +1 DC to Evocation Spells
Trait Name Description
1 Hedge Mage -5% to materials cost when crafting magic items
2 Gifted Adept(Fireball) +1 Caster Level on Fireball
3 Well Informed +1 on diplomacy to gather information,
+1 on Knowledge(local). Knowledge(local) is always a class skill
Class Ability Description
Electricity Ray: 8/day (Cha Mod +3), 30’ ranged touch attack.
1d6 + 1/2 class levels
Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell that deals energy damage,
you can change the type of damage to electricity.
This also changes the spell’s type
level #/day Spells DC
0 - Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost 15
1 6 Mage Armor, Ray of Enfeeblement 16

1 +1 to gather information

2 +2 vs. fear


Liliana’s earliest memories are of arriving in Sandpoint. She doesn’t remember any of her life before then and is not entirely sure she actually remembers arriving in Sandpoint. She suspects that her brother’s talking about it has made her think she does. This lack of memories makes Liliana think that she is actually younger than is estimated, but who’s counting? Living on the farm with her family has been all she has ever known and she is happy with life.

Liliana is definitely the trouble causer in her family. She doesn’t mean to be, but nothing ever seems to go right. She starts every chore with the best of intentions. She always plans to finish, but something always happens. A passing merchant talks her into walking into town to look at his new wares, a beautiful butterfly passes by, she gets thirsty, you name it and Lilly has been distracted by it.

Her fascination with creating jewelry is about the only thing that holds her attention for more than a few moments. She can get lost in the bright colors and shiny materials of even the most mundane of objects and can put quite a bit of effort into making them wearable and prettier. Anything she sees that has even the faintest possibility for jewelry making goes in her pack to look at later. Everything from smooth rocks and dragonfly wings to strings and metal shavings. She is often disappointed when the jumbled mess in her bag crushes her more delicate discoveries. Her unique views of the world and the objects in it has made her a favorite of the local jeweler, Maver Kesk. When she wanders off, she can often be found in his store helping him with some of his latest creations. She even gets to work with some of the rarer materials that people actually pay money for. It is all very exciting.

When the family went into town to celebrate the festival that also marked her and her brother’s birthdays and the opening of the new cathedral, Lilly had every intention of doing everything she was supposed to. She tried to stick right by Val’s side to make sure she did. She was doing pretty well until they released the butterflies, but it was all over after that. She frolicked with the (much) younger children all the way up til the start of the speech. Then remembering that she was trying to act grown up she placed herself as close to cleric Zantas as she could. She figured at the very least it would take her longer to wander off that way. Unfortunately, she was never given the chance to get distracted as the speech stopped before it really got started because the goblins chose that moment to attack Sandpoint.

Lilly doesn’t really know what to think of the events that unfolded after that. She seemed to be able to put thoughts of the battle out of her mind much easier than her brothers, though that wasn’t exactly surprising as things often leave her mind more quickly than others. She knew she wanted to help, but that wasn’t a new feeling because she always tried to be helpful, especially if it allowed her to see new and exciting things. She knew her life had changed, but she couldn’t exactly put a finger on how and she didn’t work real hard to do so. What fun was life if you always knew where you were headed.

Liliana (Lilly)

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