Tor Freeman

Muscular dwarf who just discovered his love of battle


HP: 25
AC: 17 (10 + 5 scale mail + 2 Dex)
Touch: 12 FF: 15

Str 18 +4
Dex 14 +2
Con 16 +3
Int 10 +0
Wis 10 +0
Cha 8 -1

BAB: +2

CMB: +6 ( +4 str +2 BAB)
CMD: 18 (10 + 4 str + 2 dex + 2 BAB) ( +4 vs. Trip & Bull Rush)

Fort: +6 ( +2 vs. Poison) ( +2 vs. Spells)
Ref: +2 ( +2 vs. Spells)
Will: +0 ( +2 in Rage; +2 vs. Fear) ( +2 vs. Spells)

Power Attack ( -1 to hit, +2 damage [ +3 with 2-handed weapons])

Courageous: +2 to save vs. Fear
Highlander: +1 to Stealth Checks, Stealth is a class skill
Improved Stonecunning: +4 to Stonecunning checks

Class Abilities:

Rage (9/day): +4 Str & Con, -2 AC, +2 to Will Saves
Invulnerable Rager: DR 1/
Lesser Hurling: Hurl a Small object 2-handed for 2d6, or a Tiny or smaller object one-handed for 1d6 (Range increment 10’, touch attack, can Power Attack, half damage if not a hard object)


Acrobatics +2*
Climb +4*
Perception +5 ( +9 regarding unusual stonework)
Stealth +4*
Survival +5
Swim +4*

*Includes -4 penalty for Scale Mail


Tor is of average height for a dwarf, but unusually solid and massive even for a member of his stout race. His solid frame bears layer on layers of muscle from hard farm work, even pulling a two-ox plow when the oxen died of the murrain. His skin has a grey tone, reminiscent of granite, while his beard is the brown-red of old rust. Unlike his foster siblings, Tor still remembers a little of his earlier life, but he never speaks of it. Whatever lies in his past, though, it doesn’t seem to have harmed his cheerful disposition.

When the Goblins discovered Sandpoint, Tor discovered something about himself that he had never known. He loves to fight. Although he killed several goblins, saw the terrible deaths of friends, and came within a hairsbreadth of dying himself, he found the whole thing exhilarating. In the life-or-death struggle, he experienced a fierce joy he had never felt before, and that he secretly hopes to feel again.

Tor loves his family, and he is fond of Sandpoint. But deep down, he suspects that his real reason for volunteering for the town’s defense is a craving for the battle-joy.

Tor Freeman

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