Valerian "Val" Freeman

Divine Warrior with an affinity for metal

Valerian “Val” Forgemaster
Male Human Oracle(metal)
Neutral Good Level 9 Skills
HP: 70 AC:30 (10 +11 Mithril Plate +4 Lg Shield +3 Dex +1 Nat +1 Deflection) Touch: 14 FF: 27 Bluff: +8
Str 16 +3 BAB:+6 Craft(Armor): +19
Dex 16 +3 CMB:+9 ( +3 str +6 BAB) Craft(Weapon): +15
Con 14 +2 CMD: 22 (10 + 3 str + 3 dex + 6 BAB) Diplomacy: +13
Int 12 +1 Fort: +7 ( +3 base +2 con +2 magic) Disable Device: +13
Wis 8 -1 Ref: +8 ( +3 base +3 dex +2 magic) Intimidate: +13
Cha 22 +6 Will: +8 ( +6 base -1 wis +2 magic +1 trait) Sense Motive: +11
Weapon Attack Damage Crit
+1 Bastard Sword +10 / +5 1d10+4 18-20/x2
Light Crossbow +9 1d8 19-20/x2
Feat # Name Description
Human Extra Revelation Riddle of Steel – See Class Abilities
1 Combat Casting +4 to concentration checks when casting
defensively or while grappling
3 EWP (Bastard Sword) Proficiency with Bastard Sword
5 Craft Magic Arms & Armor Able to enchant weapons & armor
7 Improved Initiative +4 to Initiative Checks
9 Warrior Priest +1 Initiative, +2 Concentration
Trait Name Description
1 Hedge Mage -5% to materials cost when crafting magic items
2 Favored of the
+1 Know(local), Know(local) is always a class skill.
Always have free meals and bed in Sandpoint.
+10% to sale value of all loot when sold through the Inn
3 Indomitable Faith +1 to will saves
4 Focused Mind +2 to Concentration Checks
Class Ability Description
Armor Mastery: Move at full movement rate in medium armor, +1 Max Dex, 1 less Check Penalty
Riddle of Steel: 1/day +5 to any craft check when making something
composed of metal
Dance of the Blades: +10’ Movement rate, +1 attack after move
Oracle’s Curse: Clouded vision – Blind, but can see as though with darkvision 60’
Special Qualities Description
Heart of the Fields: 1/day ignore condition that would cause
fatigue/exhaustion, +1/2 character level to craft(armor)
level #/day Spells DC
0 - Stabilize, Create Water, Detect Magic, Mending, Read Magic, Purify Food and Drink, Detect Poison, Guidance 16
1 8 Cure Light Wounds, Bless, Divine Favor, Lead Blades, Burning Disarm, Compel Hostility, Detect Evil, Comprehend Languages, Shield of Faith 17
2 8 Cure Moderate Wounds, Heat Metal, Lesser Restoration, Ghostbane Dirge, Oracle’s Burden, Blessing of Courage and Life, Spiritual Weapon, Make Whole 17
3 7 Archon’s Aura, Cure Serious Wound, Keen Edge, Bestow Curse, Prayer, Invisibility Purge, Communal Resist Energy 18
4 5 Cure Critical Wounds, Versatile Weapon, Debilitating Portent, Restoration 19

Valerian is a handsome youth, barely of majority. His 18th birthday was something of a trial-by-fire, having helped the town of sandpoint push off a goblin assault. He’s always been a focused youth, but forged in the fires of the recent combat, he’s added drive to that focus: an intense desire to cut down the threat to his family by the swiftest most efficient means possible. He still hopes someday to take the surname “Forgemaster” upon completion of his masterpiece work, but fears that the boy’s dream will lie unaccomplished in the shadow of the man’s new purpose.

Valerian is built like a gymnast- corded, flexible muscle without being overtly enormous like his brother. Valerian’s strength comes less from his physique however and more in his intense connection with what he considers his “sponsor” element – Metal. He always had an interest in working iron and steel (and, to a lesser extent, more precious metals), but he discovered his sponsorship during a forge accident one day – the same one that blinded him.

The incident occurred during a ‘blowback’ – when a gust of wind blew through the smithy as he was pouring molten steel into a mold. The initial wind sprayed steel droplets into his eyes, and the ensuing panic resulted in the rest of the batch coating him. Surprisingly, with the sole exception of his quasi-blindness, the incident resulted in no scarring or other injury. He claims the metal ‘spoke to him’ that day, and has since redoubled his efforts to learn the secrets it holds.

Had things gone differently, Valerian would have dedicated his life to his craft, making great ornaments, gates, fixtures, and (as he now sees it) nothing of use. Having seen the tragedy of being unprepared, he has targeted his single-minded focus towards ‘hammering out this flaw’. He now crafts only weapons and armor, forsaking ornament and design, and he has begun the process of learning their use to exterminate the threats he sees to his family and friends. He intends to be a shield – an iron wall – between them and future harm.

Valerian "Val" Freeman

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