Goblin Tribes

Goblin Tribes and Heroes

Information obtained per Sheleeloo (check spelling on this)

Information on attacks

  • Increased in goblin related attacks in Lost-Coast road, particularly between Nettlewood and Mosswood
  • Burning farms to the ground
  • Bird Cruncher Goblins
    • Live in caves on western edge of Devil’s Platter
      • This is to the SouthEast of Sandpoint
    • Least aggressive
  • Licktoad Goblins
    • Brine-Stump Marsh
      • South of Sandpoint
    • Excellent Swimmers
  • Seven-Tooth Goblins
    • East, in Shankswood
    • Raid Sandpoint’s Junkyard and rebuild materials into armor and weapons
  • Mosswood Goblins
    • Further East, and South
    • Largest Tribe
    • Held back by internal feuds
  • Thistletop Goblins
    • Nettlewood Coast, on small island
      • East and North of Sandpoint
      • Holds resemblance to decapitated head

All five were involved in the raid. Something binding all tribes together.

Goblins live short, violent lives. Unusual for notoriety. Five goblins are “heroes” right now:

  • Big Gug-Mutt
    • Unusually muscular and tall
    • Mosswood tribe
    • Hobgoblin/Wild Boar Mix? :D
  • Koruvus
    • Seven Tooth Tribe
    • Short Temper
    • Prized Possession – Medium Magic Longsword
    • Vanished several months ago after discovering secret hideout in a cave among the cliffs. Unknown which cliffs. Suspected to still ‘be out there’
  • Vorka – Unknown fighting style
    • Cannibal
    • Brine-Stump Marsh. Licktoad Goblins
    • Hero to non-licktoad goblins
  • Ripnugget – Brute force – Fighter or Barbarian?
    • Leads thistletop Goblins
    • Controls ‘best lair’
    • On an island, with sheer cliff sides, easy to protect
  • Bruthazmus – Presumed to be Ranger
    • Infamous bugbear ranger
    • lives in northern nettlewood
    • Visits the five tribes to trade for Magic Arrows
    • Particular hatred for elves

Goblin Tribes

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