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1) No Laptops: It’s fine if you want to use a computer to prepare before the game, but once the session starts I would prefer no distractions. As an extension of this rule, everyone should have a current, printed copy of their character to refer to during the game.

2) Accurate Record-keeping: I’m going to make an effort to maintain a game blog which you can use to refresh your memory between games. Please feel free to add Adventure log entries with your character’s personal perspective of events, as Ryan has done previously. I think this adds a personal touch to the story. I would also ask that you keep accurate records of your equipment, spell usage and condition (HPs, temporary damage, etc). I feel this is important because of the amount of time that passes between sessions. When it comes to equipment, if it isn’t on your character sheet, you don’t have it.

3) Arbitrary Levelling: As stated on the campaign summary screen, I have switched to an arbitrary levelling system. As such I will no longer be awarding experience points. I still intend to award excellent roleplaying with in-game bonuses and items.

4) Modified Crafting Rules: I’ve made some on-the-fly house rules regarding crafting that I need to codify in writing and list here for all to use.

Rules From The Previous Campaign Currently Under Review

Background Feat: Humans may choose a bonus Feat from pages 13-14 of the Pathfinder Player’s Guide. Only Humans may take one of these and the bonus Feat does not count as the bonus feat normally allotted to Humans. This means that a Human would gain a total of THREE Feats at first level.

Background Skill: Humans also gain one additional skill point to be used on a background skill. This must be justified in the character’s written background provided before the game starts. This is a one-time bonus and does not accumulate every level.

Reaction Bonus: Humans gain a +1 bonus to Charisma checks when interacting with
other members of their sub-race (Chelaxians, Shoanti or Varisians).

Story Bonus: Any player who submits a detailed written background will receive
bonus equipment for their character. Any race qualifies for this bonus, but the background must tie into the campaign material. You cannot specify the item, so don’t bother mentioning your fathers +1 Greatsword in your background. The equipment may not be magical but will be unusual or exceptional.

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