Welcome back to the relaunch of my “Rise of the Runelords” Adventure Path. We’ve successfully completed the first module, “Burnt Offerings,” and are in the middle of the second, “The Skinsaw Murders.” I’m going to make a concerted effort to bring the wiki up to date, but I make no promises.


The campaign begins in the town of Sandpoint, situated on the west coast of a frontier land called Varisia. There are three main city-states which serve as focal points of human civilization in the area. Korvosa is located in the southeast corner of the region and is dominated by Chelaxians, a people native to the former empire of Cheliax, far to the south. A city run by thieves and bandits known as Riddleport occupies a prime position at the mouth of the Velashu river on the northeast coast of Varisia. Southwest along the coast is the merchant-run city of Magnimar. Sandpoint rests approximately fifty miles northeast of Magnimar. You can find more information on the Campaign Overview page.

The Story Thus Far

It started with an attack by goblins during this year’s Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint. An attack orchestrated, as it turned out, by a bitter Aasimar woman filled with rage at her treatment by the citizens of that same town. Then the murders started, each victim marked by the same rune found during the goblin investigation. The murderer now known to be the same noble rescued by our heroes during the aforementioned Swallowtail Festival attack. After destroying the undead noble, clues point to a greater conspiracy centered in the nearby city of Magnimar. First Nualia then Aldern Foxglove; one by one the events of the past few months point to a conspiracy of unknown proportions slowly being revealed to our intrepid heroes. Where will the path ultimately lead?

The Player Characters?

Byron – Tor Freeman
John – Ryde Clench
Thomas – Nolear
Ryan – Valerian “Val” Freeman
Danielle – Liliana (Lilly) Freeman

Important Pages

Party Treasure

A Note About Experience and Levelling

I’ve decided to implement an arbitrary character levelling system. Instead of awarding experience points I will have the players level their characters at arbitrarily designated points, usually every 3-4 sessions. We’ve been using this system for a while now and it seems to be working satisfactorily. As such I have decommissioned the XP tracking page.

A Varisian Nursery Rhyme

Mumble Mumble Scarecrow,
Alone in the maize.
Sleeping in the daytime,
A stitched man he stays.
But when the moon she rises,
Up Mumble gets.
He shakes his hands at first
And moves his feet the next.
And when the dog is snoring,
And when you’re fast asleep,
Mumble Mumble Scarecrow
Will find you good to eat.

Rise of the Runelords

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